OUT NOW: Accuface pres. Vortex - My Command 1996 (Anniversary Remaster)

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Catalogue Number: MPR-045
Release Date: 26.01.2017

The legendary song of Accuface' former live performances finally fully available!

Preview Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Z3mnyHZpA

Preview Extended Mix: https://youtu.be/Fel-NwAsKd4






It is about time to open the second chapter of Accuface’s 21st anniversary celebrations: Accuface pres. Vortex – “My Command 1996” is another gem of the Hard Trance pioneer and Metrophonic Resistance label founder Marlon Juers alias Accuface. Additionally, it is another gem which has never been released digitally – and even more: it has never been fully released, though it has been regularly requested by his fans!

 Well, back to where it began: “My Command” was supposed to be the follow up for Accuface’s masterpiece “Hightechflash” from 1996. Due to unfortunate circumstances at his former label Tunnel Records, Marlon finally offered the song to Mellow Trax’ label EDM Records and became the hottest track on their promotion sampler, voted by fans. However, the time of high speed Hard Trance was kinda over at that time and the Progressive House 138 BPM wave was the “hot thing” at that time, EDM decided to release the number 2 of the label sampler instead: Mellow Trax' “Phuture Vibes” which became a Top 10 hit in Germany. Consequently, “My Command” was only additionally released on EDM's famous CD compilation “Hard Trance Explosion” - in a slightly shorter edit done by the label. Therefore, “My Command” remained an essential tune for Accuface’ live performances, but was never released as a proper single release. 

Now, 21 years later, Accuface finally sifts and revaluate his hidden treasures and dusts off his classics with a state-of-the-art remastering. Starting off with the “On Your Own EP” last month, Accuface puts “My Command 1996” into the limelight. In old manner, the full extended (and yet unreleased!) mix has nearly 8 minutes duration, which isn’t seen very often nowadays anymore. Accuface prepared another exclusive new shorter edit, which is added to the release.

Having built a strong label brand for Hard Trance music, his own label Metrophonic Resistance is the best place to revive his biggest classics, which are unreleased, have never been fully released or at least got lost in the analogue era. 

Accuface pres. Vortex “My Command 1996 (Anniversary Remaster)” is now available in all download shops and streaming services through the label Metrophonic Resistance!



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