OUT NOW: Accuface - On Your Own (Anniversary Remaster)

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Digitally available for the first time incl. exclusive versions!


On Your Own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIyXcGf4muU

Accuracy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAb4H3W6e2Q

True Creators: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCiZmoU1YOs


Everybody celebrates their 20th artist anniversary. “How boring” said Hard Trance pioneer and Metrophonic Resistance label founder Marlon Juers aka Accuface. So he just decides to go for the 21st! Which, by the way, is the legal drinking age in the USA – but that's just a funny coincidence…! For anniversaries, Accuface always prepared something really special for his huge fan base. Also this time!  Back in 1995, he released his very first vinyl EP called “On Your Own” (including the eponymous track "On Your Own", “Accuracy” and “True Creators”), which has never been provided digitally since then. Now, for his anniversary, Accuface and Metrophonic Resistance make remastered and exclusive versions of this Hard Trance classic available for the digital services!

 In the digital age, fans of the Hard Trance legend Accuface regularly face limitations when listening to the vast selection of Accuface’ tunes: many of his classics are not available on iTunes, Spotify and co. Accuface became a popular artists in the days of vinyl and CDs and his former label “Tunnel Records” did not make his large back catalogue available in the download shops by default. 
Backed by the numerous fan requests from around the world, Accuface spent several nights in his studio, sifted his old digital audio mastertapes and remastered the songs that were until today only available on vinyl (and on some rare copies of the first edition of the “Tunnel Trance Force” series) and now selected his very first EP “On Your Own” for a remastered release, including exclusive, unreleased version of the EP tracks “On Your Own”, “Accuracy” and “True Creators”. With his many years of experience as mastering engineer and producer, Accuface significantly enhanced the sound quality of the original mixes for this remastered release by using 32bit floating point technology. The original vinyl has become a rare collector’s item, which is dealt at high price levels on the second-hand market. The new remastered anniversary edition contains also the original demo versions of the songs – the versions that Accuface always personally preferred. Those versions were the ones that he also played on his live-acts. Additionally, an exclusive live-act version from 1996 of “On your own” is also available in the package! Side note: “True Creator” now became “True Creators”. Why? Because Tunnel Records made a mistake back in the days. The original name was “True Creators”, actually.
By taking into consideration that Accuface’ fan base has been longingly waiting for being able to access his classics through download and streaming services, this EP is an early Christmas present and the first of more to come remastered classics by the Hard Trance pioneer Accuface on his own label and home base Metrophonic Resistance!

Accuface “On Your Own” including “Accuracy” and “True Creators” is now available as remastered release in all download shops and streaming services through the label Metrophonic Resistance!



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