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OUT NOW: Accuface - Space is the Place (New Remastered 1998 Mixes)


Accuface continues releasing his biggest hits in remastered versions for their digital debut through his own Hard Trance label Metrophonic Resistance: the vinyl EP “Space is the Place” from 1998 is welcomed to the streaming services and download shops with a full state-of-the-art 24 bit remastered sound and with the exclusive unreleased edits of “Space is the Place” and “Let there be Light”!

OUT NOW: Accuface pres. Vortex - My Command 1996 (Anniversary Remaster)


It is about time to open the second chapter of Accuface’s 21st anniversary celebrations: Accuface pres. Vortex – “My Command 1996” is another gem of the Hard Trance pioneer and Metrophonic Resistance label founder Marlon Juers alias Accuface. Additionally, it is another gem which has never been released digitally – and even more: it has never been fully released, though it has been regularly requested by his fans!

OUT NOW: Accuface - On Your Own (Anniversary Remaster)


Everybody celebrates their 20th artist anniversary. “How boring” said Hard Trance pioneer and Metrophonic Resistance label founder Marlon Juers aka Accuface. So he just decides to go for the 21st! Which, by the way, is the legal drinking age in the USA – but that's just a funny coincidence…! For anniversaries, Accuface always prepared something really special for his huge fan base. Also this time!  Back in 1995, he released his very first vinyl EP called “On Your Own” (including the eponymous track "On Your Own", “Accuracy” and “True Creators”), which has never been provided digitally since then. Now, for his anniversary, Accuface and Metrophonic Resistance make remastered and exclusive versions of this Hard Trance classic available for the digital services!

OUT NOW: Metrophonic Resistance Collector's Edition


Metrophonic Resistance - Collector's Edition: 80 tracks of epic Hard Trance and smashing Hardstyle, 8 hours of awesomeness summarise the incomparable musical footprint of Metrophonic Resistance, completing the must-have selection with the previous compilations Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 1 and Vol. 2!

OUT NOW: Dizmaster - Religion / Losing Control (feat. Elaine Winter)


Dizmaster has been a loyal member of the Metrophonic Resistance label for more than three years and has continuously released outstanding classic Hard Trance tracks like "Shiver", "Skygod", "Chasing the Light" and "ACIDventure". The mini EP "Religion / Losing Control" is the brand new smasher by the talented Danish artist, which is again released through Metrophonic Resistance.

OUT NOW: sgrA - Sagittarius EP


Releases like this one are an exception nowadays: sgrA's "Sagittarius EP" is pure original Hard Trance with epic melodies and the rough characteristics of its early days. The fans of the label Metrophonic Resistance may expect three Hard Trance smashers by the newcomer artist sgrA.

OUT NOW: Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Warrior


The Swedish Hard Trance mastermind presents his new Zylone single on his homebase label Metrophonic Resistance called "Warrior", accompanied by remixes of Xelerator and Dream Fountain.

OUT NOW: EBJ feat CVB - Turn back the Time


With the Italian producer EBJ, Metrophonic Resistance welcomes another established Hard Trance artist on its label, which underscores again that this label is the ultimate homebase for the European Hard Trance scene. EBJ teams up with the well-known vocalist CVB for the Hard Trance piece of art “Turn back the Time” and is greatly supported remix-wise by the Metrophonic Resistance veteran Thomas Petersen.

OUT NOW: Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 2


Metrophonic Resistance has built its profile for more than four years as the ultimate homebase for Hard Trance and Hardstyle. Artists like Gainworx, Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone, Kimura, Skyrosphere, Dizmaster, Xelerator, Concept Art and El Grekoz have been developed and presented to the loyal fanbase. The brand new compilation “Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 2” gathers the very best of the past two years, since the first volume set a significant milestone in the label’s history.

OUT NOW: Xelerator - Poison Trap Phenomenon


Epicness in sound and title! Xelerator proves his innovative approach to the mix of Hard Trance, Dance and House with his follow up “Poison Trap Phenomenon”. Concept Art und Casaris complete the release with their original Hardstyle sound and HandsUp! Metrophonic Resistance underscores with this release that this label is a consistent homebase for new Hard Trance and finest Hardstyle.

OUT NOW: Dan-Rider - In the Night / Clap it


Dan-Rider is a new producer and DJ talent on the established label Metrophonic Resistance. His debut on this label is his Mini EP “In the Night / Clap it” emerging as top-notch Hardstyle by the Austrian artist!

OUT NOW: Dizmaster - ACIDVenture


Dizmaster brings back the Acid sound in combination with his original Hard Trance style: “ACIDVenture” is the unique result. Bundled with remixes by Nostic and Wavetraxx, this release enthralls all fans of classic Hard Trance.

OUT NOW: Accuface - Your Destination Remaster 2014


10 years after the tremendous success of Accuface’ “Your Destination” release, the established artist and creator of the High Energy Trance sound enthralls his fanbase with remastered versions of the original mixes and a special remix by his label’s and co-production artist Skyrosphere. The well-known Alex Megane Remix, the Speedcharge Remix and the unreleased Norman Creed Remix complete the release!

OUT NOW: Skyrosphere - Send me an Angel


"Send me an Angel" is the new EP of the highly talented artist Skyrosphere on Metrophonic Resistance. His EP in the last year has been a must-have for all fans of pure Hard Trance. The new EP can fully tie in with the previous one, as it comes with the Hard Trance smashers "Star-Rider" and "My Secret" next to the eponymous leading track "Send me an Angel"!

OUT NOW: North Core Project - Fucking Revolution


"It's a fucking revolution" is the claim of North Core Project's debut single on Metrophonic Resistance. Having built a loyal fan base within 14 years since its advent, the North Core Project has arrived on Metrophonic Resistance with their Hardstyle hymn!

OUT NOW: Dizmaster - Chasing the Light


Danish Hard Trance mastermind Dizmaster does his third strike on Metrophonic Resistance releasing a new Hard Trance anthem for his loyal fan base: "Chasing the Light" ties in with his top-notch previous singles "Skygod" and "Shivers"!

OUT NOW: Type-ZERO - My Mind EP


Type-ZERO brings the Canadian sound of classic Hard Trance to Metrophonic Resistance with his "My Mind EP". Established in Canada as an artist, a DJ and his own record label and event brand Overdrive Canada, it is now time to present his first EP on the leading German Hard Trance label Metrophonic Resistance!

OUT NOW: Paul Fostor - One


Paul Fostor serves the Ukrainian flavour of Hardstyle to Metrophonic Resistance and provides an outstanding single called "One", which is supported by a massive Hard Trance remix by Swedish exceptional artists Thomas Petersen and Gainworx!

OUT NOW: Xelerator - Into Dawn


Xelerator merges the barriers between Hard Trance and House with his debut on Metrophonic Resistance and Sonic Flash (as a twin release) and opens new fields for this new genre mix and innovative sound!

OUT NOW: Concept Art - The Vault / Knock Down


Concept Art don't stop to prove their standing as a rising star in the Hardstyle world! With the mini EP "The Vault / Knock Down", they provide two new anthems of awesomeness on Metrophonic Resistance.

OUT NOW: Zephyre - Divine EP


With the artist Zephyre and his "Divine EP", Metrophonic Resistance is proud to present a unique Tech-Trance artist on its label. "Divine", "X-Roads" and "17 Schuss" stand out of everything, which has ever seen the light on the Hard Trance and Hardstyle label, but has enthralled the label managers from the beginning.

OUT NOW: Cryoniqs - Out of Sight EP


Cryoniqs are back with three-track EP. After their debut single "I have a Dream", they show their diverse, musical qualities with the brandnew "Out of Sight EP" -- still remaining true to their Hard Trance sound.

OUT NOW: Kimura feat. Christi - Tonight


After his recent hit “The Chosen”, Kimura is now back with his brand new Hard Trance single called “Tonight”. Top notch vocals and an impressive remix package underscore the quality of this release.

OUT NOW: Gainworx - Eternity


“Eternity” is the brand new Melodic Hard Trance smasher by Gainworx. After “45 Seconds” and “Like a Freefall”, this appears to be the next hit of the Metrophonic Resistance artist. The full package including Xelerator, Quickdrop and Macera Remix is more than convincing!

OUT NOW: El Grekoz feat. Yuna X - The Wonder of Music (The Remixes)


“The Wonder of Music” was made for more remixes, being the eponymous track of the latest El Grekoz EP. This opportunity for a remix release is now implemented by the Greek producer duo and the Metrophonic Resistance label.

OUT NOW: Skyrosphere - Skyrosphere EP


Skyrosphere's debut EP is an absolute must-have for each Hard Trance fan! Three masterpieces of the genre unite on this EP, which couldn't suit better any other label than Metrophonic Resistance.

Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Vampires - Hard Trance - Metrophonic Resistance

OUT NOW: Concept Art - We've got the World EP


“Skygod” is the heroic name of the single by the Danish Hard Trance and Hardstyle artist Dizmaster, which is released on Metrophonic Resistance. The remix package includes top notch mixes by Sam Punk, Frank Dueffel and Wavetraxx

Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Vampires - Hard Trance - Metrophonic Resistance

OUT NOW: Dizmaster - Skygod


“Skygod” is the heroic name of the single by the Danish Hard Trance and Hardstyle artist Dizmaster, which is released on Metrophonic Resistance. The remix package includes top notch mixes by Sam Punk, Frank Dueffel and Wavetraxx

Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Vampires - Hard Trance - Metrophonic Resistance

OUT NOW: Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Vampires


Thomas Petersen is back with his third Zylone single! After the very successful tracks "Motion" and "Fallen Angel", he now delivers a great track entitled "Vampires". The release is supported by smashing remixes by Gainworx, Zephyre and Solid Sleep.

El Grekoz - The Wonder of Music EP - Hardstyle - Metrophonic Resistance

OUT NOW: El Grekoz - The Wonder of Music EP


Metrophonic Resistance welcomes another Hardstyle-only act on its label: El Grekoz! The „The Wonder of Music“ EP includes four Hardstyle bombs, which provides a sensational debut for the Greek artist.

Gainworx feat. Toni Fox - Like a Freefall - Hard Trance - Metrophonic Resistance

OUT NOW: Gainworx feat. Toni Fox - Like a Freefall


In autumn 2012, Gainworx's last single "45 Seconds" defended its position in the German Dance Charts Top 20 for numerous weeks and became a hit of the year within its scene. Following the motto "never change a winning team", Gainworx, singer Toni Fox, songwriter Sirko Falke and Metrophonic Resistance have collaborated once more in order to present a real follow up: "Like a Freefall"

Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 1 - Hard Trance - Hardstyle - Compilation

Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1 Digital Edition


Due to numerous requests, we have now released our CD compilation "Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 1" as well in the digital format in all downloadshops! Certainly, you can still purchase the CD. Check for more information!

Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1 - Bonus Package


All purchasers of the CD "Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 1" are awarded to receive a phat bonus package with more MPR material! Check out the QR-code on the CD Inlay, which will lead you to the bonus package! If you don't know how to use the QR-code or are not able to use them, drop us a message!

OUT NOW: Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1


We have spread a few details over the last days! Today is the big announcement: Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1 is now available!! This compilation is exclusively released as CD in a very limited edition and as a collector's item only available homepage! Check for more information!

OUT NOW: Kimura feat. Dee Dee - The Chosen


With Kimura, a new artist joins the Metrophonic Resistance label family. "The Chosen" is the energetic, new single release by the creative, Hungarian music producer Kimura and at the same time his first release on the German Hardtrance label No. 1. Finest High Energy Trance with amazing vocals by Dee Dee!

Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1 - a few more details


"Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1" - the very first compilation by MPR - will be released very soon on our label. It'll have MPR-tracks only, including new and exclusive tracks! With this compilation, we want to say "thank you" to our fans, artists and supporters! More is to be revealed soon!

Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1


Something amazing and special is coming up! Spread the word, so everyone will know!

Coming soon: Kimura feat. Dee Dee - The Chosen


On the 14th December, there will be a new great release on Metrophonic Resistance: Kimura feat. Dee Dee - "The Chosen" has been premiered on the latest Future Trance Vol. 62. The full release is now ready to go and will additionally include the Original Mix and the Cold Rush Remix.

OUT NOW: Cryoniqs - I Have A Dream


Cryoniqs, the latest Hardtrance signing on Metrophonic Resistance, present their debut single “I Have A Dream” with remixes by Dizmaster and Concept Art. Epic Hardtrance meets the well-known speech by Martin Luther King.

OUT NOW: Gainworx feat. Toni Fox - 45 Seconds


“45 Seconds from now are the rest of my life” – with these dark, dramatic and suicidal lyrics, Gainworx stands out with his single “45 Seconds” from other releases in the scene. He combines Hardtrance and Hardstyle mixes on Metrophonic Resistance with Dance mixes on the Sonic Flash remix release.

Coming up: Gainworx feat. Toni Fox - 45 Seconds


Exclusively featured on Future Trance Vol. 61, Gainworx' new single with Toni Fox called "45 Seconds" will be released on the 28th September with a huge mix package. Due to the stilistic diversity, this release will be presented on Metrophonic Resistance and our Dance sublabel Sonic Flash.

OUT NOW: Concept Art - The Morning After EP


Finest Hardstyle for the hot days! The "The Morning After EP" by Concept Art provides the fans of the harder styles with a triple package of Hardstyle. "The Morning After", "Let It Happen" and "Mine Is Yours" rock your speakers!

OUT NOW: Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Fallen Angel


Thomas Petersen presents his new "Zylone" single called "Fallen Angel". The single is now released on Metrophonic Resistance including remixes by Axel Coon and El Grekoz.

Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Fallen Angel


A new Hardtrance bomb is coming out soon on Metrophonic Resistance! Get ready for Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Fallen Angel! With Remixes by former Scooter member Axel Coon and El Grekoz!

OUT NOW: Dizmaster feat. Jessica - Shiver


“Dizmaster feat. Jessica – Shiver” is the new single release by Danish Hardtrance and Hardstyle artist Rasmus Hjortshoj, which is now available on Metrophonic Resistance, including remixes by Skyrosphere and Goldkind.

OUT NOW: The Collectorz - Roll Deep EP


The “Roll Deep EP” by The Collectorz is a load of outstanding Hardstyle. The EP contains with “Roll Deep”, “One Leader”, and “Timewarp” three state-of-the-art Hardstyle tracks, which are now released by Metrophonic Resistance!

The Collectorz - Roll Deep EP out soon!


"The Collectorz" present their Hardstyle EP "Roll Deep" on Metrophonic Resistance. It will be released on the 25th May 2012. Previews will be available soon in our Youtube Channel!

OUT NOW: Cosmic Squad - New Life Single


The single "New Life" of "Cosmic Squad" is out now. It includes the Gainworx Remix, which is already known from the latest Future Trance Vol. 59; and the OverDrive Division Remix. Check out the Previews at Youtube and your favourite download shops!

Cosmic Squad - New Life OUT SOON


Next Monday, "Cosmic Squad - New Life" will be released! Get all information about the release here!

Future Trance Vol. 59 incl. Cosmic Squad - New Life (Gainworx Remix Edit)


Today, the new volume of the Future Trance compilation is released. This Volume 59 is coming with a new release of Metrophonic Resistance: Cosmic Squad - New Life (Gainworx Edit)

Previews on Youtube now available: 44 Desert Eagle - Catch a Flatline (Weed on the Backseat)


We have uploaded the previews of all three mixes to our Youtube Channel. Check them out!

OUT NOW: 44 Desert Eagle - Weed on the Backseat


New single release on Metrophonic Resistance: 44 Desert Eagle presents his debut single "Catch a Flatline (Weed on the Backseat)", including remixes by Gainworx and Trance-Forces

Successful start for Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion


Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion, incl. mixes by DJ Sakin, 44 Desert Eagle, and Ray Burton & Titus vs KraftSchub, gets great feedback!

Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion OUT NOW


Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion, incl. mixes by DJ Sakin, 44 Desert Eagle, and Ray Burton & Titus vs KraftSchub, is now available in all download stores!

Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion OUT SOON!


Check out the preview to our new upcoming release: Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion, incl. mixes by DJ Sakin, 44 Desert Eagle, and Ray Burton & Titus vs KraftSchub

Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion OUT SOON!


A new release will be out soon on Metrophonic Resistance: Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion, incl. mixes by DJ Sakin, 44 Desert Eagle, and Ray Burton & Titus vs KraftSchub

OUT NOW: Sys-K feat. Ketlin - Goodbye


Sys-K feat. Ketlin – “Goodbye” is the new single of the highly talented producer Lauri Siska from Estonia, which is now released in cooperation with Active Sense Records and Metrophonic Resistance.

Sys-K feat. Ketlin - Goodbye (Collaboration with Active Sense Records)


On this Friday, the 10th June, our artist Sys-K will release his single "Goodbye" on our label Metrophonic Resistance and our partner label for this release Active Sense Records.

"Vanished Dream" out now!


"Vanished Dream" out now including remixes by Thomas Petersen, Tom Mountain, DJ Myde, and Quickdrop

Full Previews of "Vanished Dream"


Check out the full previews of "Gainworx feat. Anthya - Vanished Dream"

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