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OUT NOW: Metrophonic Resistance Collector's Edition

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Metrophonic Resistance - Collector's Edition: 80 tracks of epic Hard Trance and smashing Hardstyle, 8 hours of awesomeness summarise the incomparable musical footprint of Metrophonic Resistance, completing the must-have selection with the previous compilations Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 1 and Vol. 2!

Metrophonic Resistance has become the home for Hard Trance lovers with noticeable artists like Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone, Gainworx, Dizmaster, Kimura, Skyrosphere and, certainly, the label co-founder Accuface. Additionally, the label represents some original and phenomenal Hardstyle acts like Concept Art, El Grekoz, North Core Project and Paul Fostor. The label's history started in 2010, founded by the Hard Trance pioneer Marlon 'Accuface' Juers and industry expert Johannes Ripken.

Over the past more than five years, Metrophonic Resistance has carefully selected amazing songs and artists for its roster. Metrophonic Resistance Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and the now released Collector's Edition provides the best of collection of the full label catalogue.

In the case of not being a loyal fan of this label since its advent though being a fan of the Hard Trance and Hardstyle genres, this compilation trilogy is highly recommended for you. As a special deal, the Vol. 1 (CD or digital) and Vol. 2 (digital only) are available for a reduced price!







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OUT NOW: Dizmaster - Religion / Losing Control (feat. Elaine Winter)


Dizmaster has been a loyal member of the Metrophonic Resistance label for more than three years and has continuously released outstanding classic Hard Trance tracks like "Shiver", "Skygod", "Chasing the Light" and "ACIDventure". The mini EP "Religion / Losing Control" is the brand new smasher by the talented Danish artist, which is again released through Metrophonic Resistance.

OUT NOW: sgrA - Sagittarius EP


Releases like this one are an exception nowadays: sgrA's "Sagittarius EP" is pure original Hard Trance with epic melodies and the rough characteristics of its early days. The fans of the label Metrophonic Resistance may expect three Hard Trance smashers by the newcomer artist sgrA.

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